VFR Flight Guide Ireland 2011


The VFR Flight Guide is unique in a number of respects:

  1. The ONLY Flight Guide Endorsed by the IRISH AVIATION AUTHORITY

  2. The Airfields are shown as PHOTOS - in MAP format (i.e. viewed from the South)

  3. The runway information is overlaid on the photos.

  4. PPR - Gives the  REAL situation regarding permission to visit

         “Visitors Welcome at their own risk”,  right through to “Strictly by Invitation”

  1. The GPS co-ordinates are checked for ALL strips

  2. Two maps show the location of the airfield

  3. Arrival and Departure Instructions for each Strip, given by Pilots using the Strip.

  4. Contains useful information such as Toilet, Food, Distance to Nearest MOGAS etc


The VFR Flight Guide also contains . . .

We have put a lot of work into preparing this new book. It contains many more airfields since the first book came out. I hope you find this book even more helpful than the first and that you find many new places to explore.
Give a call every time before arriving, its polite and it makes good sense.
A big ‘THANK YOU’ to everyone who helped with this new book.
Kevin Glynn Thanks.htmlshapeimage_4_link_0
  1. Approach Charts to Airports

  2. Area Map

  3. Filing Flight Plans

  4. Useful Telephone Numbers

  5. Owners Index

  6. County Index

  7. Detailed Area Maps

  8. Paperwork list & Dates

  9. METAR Decoding

  10. www useful links

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The VFR Flight Guide is still a handy A5 size, but is now available in two versions, the original Spiral Bound and a A5 Ring Binder (allows additional pages to be added)

The new book contains information on 167 Genuine Airfields.

It has more detailed and easier to use maps, a section containing useful links & telephone numbers.

Full flight planning guide & forms.

Spiral Bind Guide

A5 loose leaf Bind Guide